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Our Educational Programs

Laurie Bricole-là offers programs tailored to the children’s age groups.

18 months and under program

  • Children aged 18 months and under are invited to partake in activities focused on stimulating their senses (sight, hearing, general motor abilities and touch).
  • There are outings every day; we possess an outdoor space built exclusively for infants as well as a kiddy bus for strolling around the neighbourhood.

18 months and over program

The daycare offers a bilingual program for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years of old.

  • Physical education program! (Climbing and obstacle games.)
  • Junior kindergarten program—complete preparation for kindergarten.
  • Arts and crafts, computer, cooking and science workshops, as well as daily sports activities and outings. Each workshop is adapted to your child(ren)’s age group.
  • * Summer Program—end of June to early September—we make maximum use of our large yard throughout the summer season. Our fun and stimulating summer program includes many outdoor activities such as: picnics, water games, large-scale outdoor games and surprise activities.

Activity program

Activity programs entail the preparation, facilitation and evaluation of activities scheduled throughout the day at the daycare. The activity program is elaborated on a yearly basis by the work team and implemented on a weekly basis by the educator in manner that is flexible and adapted to the children’s level of development. It is mindful of the target age group’s ability to concentrate and focus and offers children the opportunity to engage in a variety of experiences.

Play is the method of learning of choice at the daycare. The work team does not promote school-level performance or learning. At the beginning of each week, the educator responsible for your child(ren)’s group and the educator who does hourly replacements will display activity programs scheduled for the coming week on bulletin boards. Please do not hesitate to consult them.

Basic principles, staff educational approach and structuring of location and activities

Learning to adapt to group life at the daycare represents a great challenge for children. They must learn to follow routines and to respect rules that are different from those at home. To maintain a certain degree of harmony and unity within groups, the staff observes the following rules:

  • Each child is welcomed and recognized as unique and their individual pace of development respected. There are no performance scales to comply with. Each child is encouraged to progress according to their own pace and abilities.
  • Daily activities are structured with one objective in mind: the child(ren)’s overall development, no matter how small their progress may seem on the surface. This means that educators do not promote the development of one aspect to the detriment of another, but rather seek to build the interrelationship between all aspects of development.
  • Despite all the care given to developing the activity program, the child remains the « prime instigator » of their own development. We have to interest them in their surroundings so that their natural curiosity pushes them to see, hear, touch, act, explore and express themselves.
  • Play is the method of learning of choice. It is an essential tool of expression and integration for the child. The work team does not promote school-level performance or learning.
  • Parents know their child(ren) the best, which is why we expect strong collaboration on their part to help us get to know their child(ren) better and thus be better equipped to pursue the work they have begun. Coherent dialogue between parents and staff is an invaluable resource that contributes to building the child(ren)’s sense of well-being and security.

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